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Average Ocean Temperatures in Destin

“How cold will the water be in November?” a caller asked me yesterday. So many folks ask us about the average ocean temperatures during different times of the year. As you can see in the graphic, the waters in the Gulf of Mexico are some of the warmest in the world. We've assembled the Destin ocean temperature averages, with the help of below. Hope this helps!

January – 64
Febuary – 64
March – 66
April – 66
May – 77
June – 82
July – 84
August – 84
September – 82
October – 77
November – 72
December – 68

So how cold is too cold? That is entirely up to you. We see people swimming in our crystal clear waters literally year round! Of course, the weather has a lot to do with the water temperatures. We had an unseasonably cool winter in 2010/11, and an unseasonably warm winter in 2011/12. We hope this helps!

Temperature averages taken from

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