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 Every spring break your favorite local hot spot Harbor Docks opens their famous “Big Deck” for an exciting outdoor concert. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night local talent will be featured as well as regional acts. Harbor Docks’ spring lineup will continue to be the epicenter of the exciting nightlife scene of Destin.   

3/20/14 - Opening Act:Austin Jennings, Headliner:Sundy Best
3/21/14 – Slack Tide  
3/22/14 - Who is BC?
3/27/14 - Opening Act: Drew Tillman, Headliner:Dread Clampitt
3/28/14 - TreeHouse!
3/29/14 - Dismal Creek
4/03/14 - Opening Act:Chris Alvarado, Headliner: Heritage
4/04/14 - Remedy Krewe
4/05/14 - Remedy Krewe
4/10/14 - Opening Act: Billy Gant, Headliner: Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
4/11/14 - Opening Act:Billy Gant, Headliner: Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
4/12/14 - Cadillac Willy
4/17/14 - Opening Act:Drew Tillman, Headliner:Boukou Groove
4/18/14 - Dread Clampitt
4/19/14 - Continuum
4/24/14 - Opening Act:Austin Jennings, Headliner:Hotel Oscar
4/25/14 - Strung Like a Horse
4/26/14 - Dismal Creek

*All dates and acts are subject to change without notice. Check www.harbordocks.comor find Harbor Docks on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.  

Starts on Thursday, March 20, 2014

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